Pressure vessel construction

Contract productionPressure vessel construction

Our skills in the domain of pressure equipment

As a manufacturer of pressure equipment, we are specialized in the manufacturing of silencers. We currently produce more than 1,000 silencers per year.

Our skills are:

  • Manufacturing according to the Pressure Equipment Directive / AD2000 from carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Preparation of drawings, parts lists and calculations
  • Certification for material remarking for pressure vessels
  • Preparation of documentation for welding and testing procedures
  • Non-destructive testing (ultrasound, X-ray, dye penetrant testing)
  • Contact persons and material procurement in Germany, manufacturing
  • (welding, sandblasting, painting) at subsidiary ATL Poland
Transport eines Systems auf einem Gabelstapler


  • Can be used as pressure, suction or blow-off silencer
  • Sound is absorbed by installation of insulating material
  • Different insulating materials can be used depending on the requirements (temperature, area of application, etc.):
    • glass yarn, stainless steel knit, wire 0.28 mm (made of 1.4301 or 1.4571), galvanized steel knit, wire 0.28 mm, mineral wool
    • Foam (e.g. CALIFLAM)
    • In general, stainless steel wire mesh (mesh size 0.50 mm) and glass fibre mats are used as trickle protection.


Version as open baffle silencer. Glass yarn or mineral wool is used as insulation material.